Background for this web site

I'm in the category called "the grey gold", but that doesn't bother me, because I've had a good and long period with IT work.
In 1964 I scratched the surface in programming and since 1981 I've been working with IT. The interest in IT means, that one constantly stays busy learning new stuff.
This is healthy for "the small grey cells".

I created in year 2000 as a reseller with hosting in USA while I had a longer stay abroad. Now I have returned to Denmark, I've found the hosting in USA inappropriate because of the time difference, and as the development in offerings of cheap hosting have been lately, I haven't found it worth bothering to continue as a reseller. That's why I now as a pensioner am using cheap hosting myself.

During my long stay abroad I've been working as selfemployed software and web developer, and after my return to Denmark I've during the latest couple of years had a parttime job as a software developer in a local company, where I've mainly developed custom modules for SugarCRM and Drupal.

During the time I've been working on the web I've always used open source software for Internet as well as intranet solutions, so here I'll try over time to forward some of my experiences.


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