Internet Solutions

It has over the years been quite some web sites where it has been essential to present products/services in such a way that the visitor easily can navigate to the wanted information. It is nice to get feedback from companies that they have been asked to stop their personal presentation of products because the potential customer had found the needed information on their web site.

Domain and Hosting

I can help you to register your domain name and find the hosting suitable for your web project.

Web Design

My web design is based on that my customer delivers the necessary material. It is my customer who best knows his own company, but I do my outmost to give him an objective professional advice.

Content Management

My latest CMS site developments as own productions are based on Typo3, where the user interface is very user friendly. The modular set up means that covering most of the customer needs will be possible, and there are already a large amount of free extension modules available.
In my part time job I've also designed in Drupal, which in my oppinion is better handling more complex solutions. Also here there are a vast amount of free extension modules available.


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