Intranet Solutions

Intranet is based on a local web server. What else is needed depends on the project type, but normally it will be a database server and a parsing program, which together with the web server can secure the communication between the web server and the database server.
I have gained several years of experience utilizing the Apache web server and the MySQL database server together with the PHP parsing program, which binds the two servers together. All three programs are available under the free GPL license and are stable under both Windows and Linux.

Database Solutions

I have more than 25 years of experience in development of solutions based on databases. Utilization of databases is appropriate where the same data is used in different contexts. This means that double storage of the same data is avoided reducing the data maintenance, as double storage often leads to forgotten maintenance of some data. Furthermore is it with appropriate indexing of the database possible to improve the data search facilities.

Accomplished Solutions

Booking System for booking of holiday homes, Real Estate System for Intranet and Internet, Invoicing System for a removal company, Data link between program systems.

New Solutions

Development of new solutions aught to take Typo3, Drupal or SugarCRM into consideration, as they are all based on PHP and can be utilized with MySQL and Apache, which means that the work can be commenced without large investments in software.


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