I have had good experiences with the web-based open source customer relationship management system SugarCRM, which gradually has become the leading CRM system in the open source market. I'm only working with the free Community Edition.

SugarCRM in Danish

News: SugarCE 6.4.0 is released - and I have a Danish translation ready

This new version has a very much improved calendar where you can choose the first day of the week yourself, and it is possible to open a common input form with a click in the calendar.

The following addresses the old version I started with but it gives a good idea of working of SugarCRM.

I still have translations for some of the intermediate versions.

Hjem I have translated the SugarCRM Open Source version 4.5.1e into Danish and I've started translating the newer versions. Language packs should be ready late this Summer and they will be annuonced on this site, when they are ready.

Uge kalender For version 4.5.1e I also made a patch for the calendar module, making it possible to get the week shown from Monday to Sunday, where the program uses the American way with Sunday to Saturday.
A bonus is that you then get the week numbered after ISO-8601 as used in Europe.

MÃ¥ned kalender The patch also contained a program adjustment to make the pop-up calendar be shown in the chosen language (the original version was programmed to fixed US-English no matter which language had been chosen).

Popup kalender It is my intention to follow op on this work with the newest versions. The problem is, that the calendar module until now hasn't been made ready for customisation, and therefore a patch has to be adjusted for every new version.

Here you can try out the US-English demo of the user interface. All data are test data, which are changed periodically.


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