Typo3 Content Management System

Typo3 is a template-based free, open source content management system written with PHP and MySQL. It has become one of the leading content management systems (CMS) on the web and in intranets.

How It Works

Typo3 has a frontend, which presents a Typo3-based web site to its users, and a backend, used by authors and site administrators to manage content for the web site. The backend is also used with an ordinary web browser, so there is no need for other software to maintain a Typo3-based web site.

Frontend side This picture is a page from a Typo3 web site.

Backend oversigt Here is a picture which shows the opening page of the backend of the web site giving an overview of the backend functionality.

Backend side indhold This picture shows the backend view of the page content and the page tree

Templates can be crated as html files with place-holders for the content entered in the backend page-tree.
Around 2000 extensions are available for download under the GNU General Public License from the Typo3 Extension Repository offering ready-made interfaces, functions and modules.


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